Raw Garden Live Resin Carts

Raw Garden Live Resin Carts

Raw Garden Live Resin Carts, Raw Garden makes 100% whole cannabis oil that includes all the terpenes inside a flower. So raw garden carts product is like smoking an enhanced version of cannabis buds that do not have any additives and is simply a refined version of cannabis. Raw garden cart It is not cut with anything and is a purely cannabis resin vape cart.

Best Raw Garden Cart

Best Raw Garden Cart For some people, Raw Garden is the best cartridge out there, with plenty of different strain selections. Most of their concentrates sit at around 80% THC levels to help you get a lasting buzz. Their packaging is very minimal, making it a great eco-friendly option that helps prevent waste.

Raw Garden THC Carts

Raw garden thc carts Live resin is instantly frozen upon harvest, which is what makes them different from a distillate. When you look closely at a live resin cart, you can spot tiny THC crystals inside the cartridge. It is like concentrated sugar inside a cartridge. Smoking live resin vape carts allow users to experience a flavorful and intense cloud every time.

Raw garden Cart Flavors

Some Raw Garden Flavors.

  • Sour Tangie
  • 3 bears
  • Strawberry Chem
  • Blueberry Punch
  • Lime Mojito
  • Skyhound
  • Animas Badlands
  • Lime Drop – The terpene profiles were out of this world for this specific strain. It was impressive that it had a hint of lime taste in the vapor.
  • Strawberry Sunrise
  • Dosi Punch – Sweet tasting terpene profile here that packs a punch of THC.
  • Banana OG – Best Tasting Banana OG that we’ve tried hands down!
Raw Garden’s vape cartridges | Are Raw Garden Carts Good

The cannabis oil from Raw Garden’s vape cartridges has incredible flavor. We were able to try out a couple of different live resin cartridges; they were significantly more flavorful than other distillate and live resin cartridges we tried. When you vape the Raw Garden THC oil, you will not experience any artificial flavor. We’ve tried over 30+ THC cartridges, and this has made it to our top 3 favorite tasting prefilled cartridges. The highlight for this raw garden cartridge review is hands down its natural flavor profiles. Some of their flavors are so good that it’s tough to believe it came from a cannabis plant.

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Sour Tangie, 3 bears, Strawberry Chem, Blueberry Punch, Lime Mojito, Skyhound, Animas Badlands, Lime Drop, Strawberry Sunrise, Dosi Punch, Banana OG

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