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Daaz THC Live Resin


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Daaz THC Live Resin
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Daaz THC Live Resin

Daaz THC Live Resin delta 8 disposable. The daaz live resin Delta 8 disposable device delivers an unexpectedly smooth vaping experience with great taste and satisfying clouds. Each Daaz device features a soft touch exterior and a clear window into the tank so you always know how much liquid is left. Their devices are made with ceramic coil technology and a pure heating system ensuring the oil and terpenes are heated to the perfect temperature.

Daaz  THC Live Resin Disposable

Daaz live resin resinmission is to offer the most effective Delta-8 experience imaginable. They infuse each of their products with a flavor profile that is more enjoyable than others on the market.  Quality and comfort are the foremost values of Daaz. They want to be the company that breaks the mold by providing a quality vape pen that gets you where you need to go while avoiding dips in efficacy.

Daaz Live Resin Disposable For Sale

Extracted from a blend of natural flora, Daaz’s organic botanically derived terpenes offer a balanced aroma and taste that will keep you coming back for more. Their ultra premium quality concentrates are held to the highest level of purity to deliver a consistent experience every time.

Product Features:

  • 1000mg pre filled disposable
  • 4 different flavors
  • Made In The USA
  • Third Party Lab Tested

Additional Information


Gelato (INDICA), Birthday cake (INDICA), Truffle butter (SATIVA), Cookies & cream (INDICA), Strawberry milk (SATIVA)

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