CRESCO 1G CARTS  live resin are manufactured by Cresco Labs. Started in 2010, it is a company that is among the fastest growing in the newly formed cannabis industry. Operating in 11 states and with 15 active production facilities, they’re a true powerhouse in the market. They create an array of cannabis products from flower to shatter, manufacturing everything in-house.

Cresco Live Resin Carts

All of their products are classified into one of three color coded sections by strain. Rise, which is sativa dominant and color coded red. Refresh, which is a hybrid and color coded green. Rest, which is indica dominant and color coded blue. Their vape cartridges make use of CCELL technology and are available for retail purchase in California and Illinois.

Organic Flavors

The extracts of Cresco cartridges are designed to intensify your experience with vape without any taste of artificial essence. These flavors are filled with premium quality oils that enhance the pleasure of vaping with the pure organic extract.

Consistent Puffing

The consistency is achieved through the purity of Cresco cartridges. Therefore, every time you would take a puff, the flavor remains the same. It creates a balanced experience for you while you take puffs with intervals, which is absolutely amazing.

Variety of Strains

There is a variety of products available for you to choose from. You can go for CBD and THC in different flavors. Most people focus on THC, but CBD high products have their own power.

Lab Tested

All the products are lab-tested and completely legit by the state of California. There is a rigorous testing process that is conducted on the products before they are put out for sale. Each cart of vape comes with a report on its elements as well.


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